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Tom Johansen Account Executive to Oklahoma Cell Number 316-841-0428 Email [email protected] John Nelson National Sales Manager Cell Number 714-396-9531 Email [email protected] The Smartest Lunchroom is Digital Digital Solutions for School Nutrition Digital Menu Web Suite Online Menu Design Quickly Create Professional Interactive Menus in Minutes Create professional looking interactive nutrition menus in minutes! Design beautiful menus using drag and drop simplicity to add backgrounds, products, images and content. Instantly auto-fill items from a cycle menu to create repeating schedules. Mobile Menus More than a Phone… it’s a tool We are pleased to announce a new Mobile Menu App that offers an easy way to view menus and nutrient infomration for products right from your smart phone. Digital Displays Display Menus that Captivate and Educate Digital menu boards engage students in the cafeteria. Nourish minds and bodies by promoting healthy habits... enhance the customer experience while reducing perceived wait times. Inspire taste and appetite with engaging Menu Campaigns to display dynamic image-based menus that are designed to educate students about good nutrition and staying fit. Digital Menus created for students who live in a digital world, and fashioned to grab and keep their attention. We help you to nourish minds and bodies by serving up flavorful images that fire up the taste buds. Design professional-looking menus by selecting from a library of themed backgrounds, colorful graphics, and nutrition images... each selected to help support and promote school nutrition. Going Green Automated Email Menus We are pleased to announce a new program called Going Green. Going Green is an automated newsletter service that delivers announcements to the school districts. Contact us for more details! Websites for School Nutrition ADA Compliant & Customizable We provide flexible websites that is designed for each school. Our beautiful website is ADA compliant and fully customizable. Each of the websites includes regulatory information, tips on nutrition and fitness, and encourages students and parents to live a healthy lifestyle. Student Ordering Quick and Easy Students today have grown up online and they crave convenience. They are used to the instant access to everything right from their phones…and they do not want to wait. Adding online ordering creates an opportunity increase participation and deliver a message of “made to order” healthy and fresh. Catering Save Time, Gain Efficiency Make it easy…easy for you and easy for your customer. Online ordering for Catering is a great way to simplify a sometimes complicated and time-consuming aspect of School Food Service. It is time to reduce Catering phone calls, emails, and paperwork by putting your menu and guidelines online. Let your customer place their order, schedule, and determine form of payment online. Regulation Signage The USDA requires School Districts to have signage at the front of serving lines to indicate what foods are part of hte reimbursable meals so that the students can easily choose all of the required components in the correct portion size for breakfast and lunch meals. The USDA sates that signage needs to be placed in a visible lcoation at or near the beginning of the serving line.
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