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Mission Statement

The SNA of Oklahoma is an association of food service professionals dedicated to educating its members and students we serve about the importance of good nutrition. We represent and support all facets of providing quality child nutrition programs.

The SNA of Oklahoma is continually looking for ways to help its members to improve the quality of the menus we offer our students and raise the bar on the standards of our school meals. Our focus is on enhancing the diet of students with more nutritious choices at school and by providing nutrition education that will help students form healthy habits that last a lifetime!

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SNA of OK Leadership Conference and Equipment Show @ Sulphur, OK Chickasaw Retreat April 1-2, 2016.


****New Info on SNA 2016 Election**** New Info on SNA 2016 Election****

Dear State Presidents, Executives, and Membership Chairs:


The 2016 election will take place over a two week period on February 15- 29. This new election schedule is part of the governance changes approved by the House of Delegates last July at ANC. The election will continue to be held in February in future years. This new election schedule closes the previous nine month gap between election in the Fall and installation at ANC in July. Candidates elected in February will be installed at the ANC General Session installation ceremony each year.


Below, please find an overview about the how to find candidate information, the voting process, and voting eligibility. For questions, please contact SNA Chief of Staff Jean Geraghty at or (800) 877-8822 x135.


Candidate Information:

The biographies and photos for 2016 candidates for the Board of Directors and the Leadership Development Committee (formerly the Nominating Committee) will be posted soon on the SNA website. A list of the candidates is on the SNA Election page of the website.


Voting Process:

The election will again be conducted though the same secure online voting process through SNA’s website.


Voting Eligibility:

Until the bylaw on voting eligibility is changed, regardless of a member’s current membership status, if they were a member in good standing as of May 31, 2015, they will be eligible to vote. However, if they are no longer a member they will have difficulty voting because they will not have membership access to the website. They will receive a security error message.


There are new instructions on the election page of SNA’s website this year to address this voting eligibility issue. Former members can contact SNA staff for assistance via Former members will be activated only to vote, in accordance with the present bylaws. They will then be promptly returned to Inactive status. And, we will encourage them to renew their membership!


The Resolutions and Bylaws Committee is recommending a change on voting eligibility and will send it to the Board of Directors for their approval in April. It will then go to the Delegate Assembly in July.


Election Results:

The election results will be announced March 2nd. The SNA officers will contact all of the successful and unsuccessful candidates by March 1st of the results.






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